Creamy Rotini with Shrimp,Tomatoes and Spinach

Serving : 4 – 6                                     Difficulty : Very Easy                                 Time: 20 min

Creamy Rotini with Shrimp,Tomato & Spinach

Creamy Rotini with Shrimp,Tomato & Spinach

Ingredients :

8 oz Cream cheese

2 cups whole milk

1 lb medium raw shrimp – peeled, deveined,tails off

5-6 oz grape tomatoes – halved

6 oz baby spinach

12 oz Rotini

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tsp olive oil

Chili flakes – optional



1. Put water to boil. Add salt. Once boiling add the Rotini and cook for 10 to 11 minutes

2 Mean while heat a skillet, add the oil and the cooked Rotini. Stir fry for 30 secs

3. Add the cream cheese and milk. Mix well with the Rotini. This will create a sauce to coat  the pasta.

4. When the sauce is boiling, add the tomatoes, spinach,shrimp, pepper. Let the shrimp cook for a about 2 min till  pink. Adjust the seasoning by adding salt, more pepper and if required the chili flakes.

Serve hot with a  green salad and garlic bread.



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