Beautiful Coonoor

The valley is enclosed in a shroud of mist. On an early March morning in Coonoor Soon, the fingers of Sun, light up the day. While all admire the view from Coonoor to Bandipur

The birds herald in the new day…….. As the Jacaranda blooms with all its glory. My hair gets disheveled as I walk along, For the wind blows with its usual hurry.

The tea-pickers work with lighting speed. On the hill slopes covered with tea estates. The birds fly from one tree to another, As they give answer to the call of their mates.

Jumping and dancing on its way, the little stream gurgles as it goes along. I walk amongst the verdant tea estates . I dream of spending my days, as the stream sings a song.

Written in March 1969 as Preeti Panemanglor.

Publishing on 12/30/2021 as Preeti Gurung.

During the 6 months of vacation, before going to college, I spent about 3 weeks in Coonoor with my Cousin Usha and her husband Jay. Jay was at Wellington. Since accommodations at Wellington weren’t available, they got a house in Coonoor. I went there with Channi Nirody my Mausi, and her husband Ramohan Nirody. I learnt a lot of new recipes and wrote a lot of poems. It was a lot of fun.

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Love cooking,reading,gardening,listening to music.Have a great zest for life! I do not balk at changes that need to be made to keep me positive. I have an upbeat view of life and take disappointments as experiences and I move on!
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