Aloo Roti (Potato Roti)

Deutsch: Chapati / Roti / Indisches Fladenbrot

Chapati / Roti  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Going through my pantry I found a packet of Idaho Spuds Signature with Potato bits. The expiration date read  June 03 2013. I did not want to make mashed potatoes. I was thinking of innovative ways of using these potato bits . My thoughts went back to 1974, when working in Mumbai, I was sharing a flat with 2 of my colleagues – Fatima and Maya.  Fatima, taught me how to make Aloo Roti. I am sad to say that Fatima, a wonderfully warm hearted friend succumbed to a long battle with Cancer in 1998. This post is in your memory my dear friend.


2 1/2 cups  Potato bits.

2 1/2 cups water.

5 cups whole wheat flour(Atta).

2 medium red onions -grated.

1 inch ginger and 6 pods of garlic ground into a paste in a mortar/pestle.

2 green chilies ground up or substitute with 1/2 tsp chili powder.

1 tsp salt.

Water if required.



  • Re hydrate the potato bits with the water.
  • Add the salt, chilies, garlic ginger paste and the grated onions. Mix till all is incorporated.
  • Add the whole wheat flour and knead into a smooth dough. If the dough is too sticky, add  more whole wheat flour.
  • Make into a ball, cover with cling wrap and let it rest for about an hour.
  • Heat a griddle pan.
  • Take a golf ball size of dough, and roll it out to 1/8th inch thickness
  • Heat on the hot griddle on both sides till pale brown. Use of oil is optional while roasting the Aloo Roti.
  • Serve hot with a pat of butter(optional). Serve with an  Indian mixed pickle or a coriander & mint chutney.

Makes 18 Aloo Rotis



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